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Norstar Feature Codes

The Nortel Norstar telephone system uses feature codes to access special functions.

Certain functions may not be available depending on your key service unit and add-on features.

Putting # before entering a feature code Inegates the feature.

Feature Category Description

**266344 **CONFIG

Installation Installer programming (Default password: 266344) - 2-line LCD display set required for use on ICS.
*0 User Settings Button Inquiry - Press a button to show its current programmed state, press an Intercom button to see the extension number. (7100 phones: View extension number and state of single programmable key.)
*1 User Settings Program an External Autodial number on a programmable key.
*2 User Settings Program an Internal Autodial number on a programmable key.
*3 User Settings Program a Feature code to a programmable key.
*4 User Settings Program a personal speed dial number.
*501 User Settings Change language to English
*502 User Settings Change language to Français
*503 User Settings Change language to Español
*6 User Settings Change ringer style (Enter a number)
*7 User Settings Change character LCD display contrast (Enter a number)
*80 User Settings Change ringer volume (use volume control bar)
*81 User Settings Move line button
*82 User Settings Dial Modes (Use # to cycle through choices)
*831 Services Toggle Auto Answer enable/disable
*832 Services Toggle Custom Call Routing enable/disable
*833 Services Auto Answer / Custom Call Routing Maintenance
*84 Call Log

Auto Log Options

*85 Call Log Call Log Password
*89 Programming Programmed Release (Enter while storing a number or while using pre-dial)
*9 Programming Run / Stop
0 Speed Dial Speed Dial
1 Messaging Send Message
2 Call Handling Ring Again
3 Call Handling

Conference / Transfer (Make first call, put on hold, make second call, use Feature 3, select first call)

Hanging up transfers the call (Unsupervised conference)

4 Call Handling Forward calls to another internal extension - Enter directory number.
5 Call Handling Redial last number
60 Paging Page General (enter destination (1: Sets, 2: Speaker, 3: Sets & Speaker) then zone (for destination 1 & 3 only))
61 Paging Page Sets (enter zone. 0: all zones)
62 Paging Page Speaker
63 Paging Page Sets and Speaker (enter a zone for sets)
64 Line Pool Access Line Pools
65 Messaging Reply to message
66 Call Handling Voice Call (talk directly through the speakerphone - Fully supported on all phones except 7100 series; however it can be used as a 'listen only' speakerphone on the 7100)
67 Call Handling Saved Number
68 Class of Service Class of Service restriction override (enter access code)
69 Call Handling Priority Call (break into a call in progress or if a call is not in progress, is the equivalent of a voice call)
70 Call Handling Transfer a call (without conferencing first - enter an extension number, and stay on the line to talk or hang up to transfer directly)
71 Programming Link - Hook Flash
72 Programming Timed Release (releases the call after an amount of time)
74 Call Handling Call Park (allows the call to be picked up on any phone - Especially useful for 7100 series phones or otherwise phones with no line appearances)
75 Call Handling Group Call Pickup
76 Call Handling Directed Pickup (Enter extension number - pickup a call that is ringing at another extension)
77 Call Handling Call Duration (If a call is not in progress, the last call duration is shown)
78 Programming Pause
79 Call Handling Exclusive Hold (Puts a call on hold, but it cannot be picked up from any other extension)
800 Call Handling Trunk Answer (Answer a call which has not been assigned to any phone)
801 Call Handling Answer next call waiting in the queue
802 Call Handling Group Listening (Allows the handset to be used, but also broadcasts audio through the phone's loudspeaker)
803 User Settings Show Time (during a call)
804 Programming Wait for dial tone
805 Maintenance Telephone set diagnostic tests
806 User Settings Enable static time
808 Call Handling Allows DTMF tones to be sent for as long as the button is held down.
811 Caller ID Call Information
812 Call Log Enter call log
813 Call Log Log Info
815 Call Log Enable Autobumping (When the call log is full, oldest entries are deleted. Otherwise, the log will stop logging when it is full)
817 RAD Internal Remote Access DeviceTransfer for CICS only
819 Call Handling Outgoing Name and Number blocking
82 Call Handling Enable call camping
83 Call Handling Change Privacy control (allows or disallows another phone to join your call)
84 Call Handling Line Redirection
85 Call Handling Do Not Disturb
86 User Settings Background Music (same as used for music on hold)
870 Services Show services
871 Services Extended Ringing
872 Services Alternative Restrictions
873 Services Alternative Routing
875 Hospitality Wake-up call
876 Hospitality Room Condition
877 Hospitality Wake-up call administration
878 Hospitality Room Condition administration
879 Hospitality Room occupancy
88 User Settings Deny voice calls
9** RAD Remote Access Device programming
9*0 RAD Remote Access Device transfer (for CICS, use feature 817)
9*1 Voicemail Check feature codes used to access voicemail
9*3 Call Log Logger timestamp
9*4   Program door phone
9*7 ACD Automatic Call Distribution maintenance
9*9 Voicemail Voicemail Interface codes
901 ACD Login to ACD
902 ACD ACD unavailable
903 Voicemail Select feature range (high/low) used to access voicemail
904 ACD ACD Help
905 ACD ACD Categorize
906 ACD Record Call
909 ACD ACD Maintenance
913 ACD ACD Queued calls
920 ACD ACD Administration
921 ACD ACD Day / Night routing
922 ACD ACD Administration Statistics
923 ACD ACD Group Statistics
980 Voicemail Send voicemail to a mailbox
981 Voicemail Access a mailbox
982 Voicemail Operator password
983 Voicemail Voicemail programming
985 Voicemail Check the DN of voicemail
986 Voicemail Transfer to voicemail
987 Voicemail Interrupt voicemail
989 Voicemail Record call

Sources: Compact ICS Installation Guide, Modular ICS Installation Guide, Startalk Flash Installation Guide